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Set Sail 2017

May 10, 2018adminEvents, News

The ever-popular pilot cutter ships returned to Guernsey’s waters again in 2017 thanks to the ongoing success of the Bristol Cutters Week. Local children were given the opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing, enjoy some rich maritime history and learn new skills.

A massive thank you to the sponsors this year which enabled the children to Set Sail. Guernsey Harbours, The Guernsey Emergency Services, Appleby, Bank of Butterfield, IAM Advisory, Ravenscroft, Canaccord, RBSI, Generali, Odey Wealth, Brooks MacDonald, Rocq Capital and Deutsche Bank.

Thank you from The Sunflower Project

May 10, 2018adminEvents, News

We were very humbled to receive the below letter and thank you card from The Sunflower Project after The Set Sail Trust treated a group of five families with ten children to a weekend in Herm.  All of the children who attended have all experienced the death of a parent so it is a much needed getaway for them.

Guernsey Children to Learn the Ropes again This Summer With Set Sail Trust

June 14, 2017adminNews, Uncategorized

A scheme which helps get primary school children, underprivileged and disadvantaged children and youth groups out on the water is expanding, allowing more young people to take part in Guernsey this summer.

Pilot Cutters Week is one of the Set Sail Trust’s major initiatives and has brought a number of replica pilot cutters to Guernsey since it was established in 2006, giving local primary school children, youth and special needs groups a unique nautical experience.  This year, the Set Sail Trust, with the help of 12 corporate ambassadors, aims to get 800 children aboard.

This years corporate ambassadors are; Appleby, Bank of Butterfield, Brooks Macdonald, Canaccord Genuity, Deutsche Bank International, Generali Worldwide, Guernsey Harbours, IAM Advisory, Odey Wealth, Ravenscroft Stockbroking and Investment Management, RBS International, and Rocq Capital.

The project, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, means young people can sail the local waters and are given an opportunity to be actively involved in crewing the ships. They also learn about maritime history and safety at sea, while at the same time build their confidence.

As a result of the high level of demand to participate in the special week, the Set Sail Trust has extended the duration of the ships’ visit with three vessels set to be in Guernsey from 12th to 23rd June, which will also enable more children to enjoy the waters and more businesses to become corporate ambassadors.

For a donation of £1,500, each corporate ambassador funds a sailing experience for the day for school children or special needs groups and also takes part in the pilot cutters evening challenge, a great opportunity for team building, corporate hospitality or social club activity.

Last year, thirty-six primary school groups and seventeen other youth groups took to the high seas thanks to the generosity of local businesses that sponsored the ships.

Andreas Tautscher, Chairman, Set Sail Trust, said: ‘Pilot Cutters Week has always been a great success of the Set Sail Trust, and it is very exciting that we can expand the week this year and give even more children the opportunity to benefit from the scheme. Not only does the initiative make full use of the natural environment we are blessed with in Guernsey by giving young people a taste of sailing, but it also helps them build some real self-confidence which can be invaluable.

‘Based on feedback from previous years, we also expect there to be significant interest from potential corporate and personal ambassadors, so in its 11th year, this is shaping up to be a particularly impressive turnout for one of the Trust’s flagship events.’

Trustees of the Set Sail Trust include Deutsche Bank, TPA and IAM Advisory.

Herm Weekend May 2017!

May 16, 2017adminNews

We have received a lovely letter from The Sunflower Project @ The Hub and some beautiful thank you cards from the children to thank us for another thoroughly enjoyable Herm Weekend. We are so glad you have a lovely memorable weekend.

Bristol Cutters 10th Anniversary

July 6, 2016adminEvents, Featured, News

Pilot Cutters Week returned for its 10th Anniversary! 19th – 29th June 2016

The ever-popular pilot cutter ships returned to Guernsey’s waters for the 10th consecutive year thanks to the ongoing success of the Bristol Cutters Week. Local children were given the opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing, enjoy some rich maritime history and learn new skills.

A massive thank you to the sponsors this year which enabled the children to Set Sail. Appleby, Bank of Butterfield, IAM Advisory, Babbe McCathie, Carey Olsen, Ravenscroft, Canaccord, Channel Insurance Brokers, RBSI and Generali.

Roddy Winser OBE, Chief Executive, Youth Commission.

“A great weekend on the Cutters. 185 young people, carers and adult support staff enjoyed their outings. Weather was good.”

Click through to see the photos and thank you cards!
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An ocean of opportunity!

June 24, 2016adminNews

Pilot Cutters Week returns for its 10th Anniversary! 19th – 29th June 2016

The ever-popular pilot cutter ships will be returning to Guernsey’s waters this week for the 10th consecutive year thanks to the ongoing success of the Bristol Cutters Week. Local children will be given the opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing, enjoy some rich maritime history and learn new skills.

A trio of replica pilot cutters will sail into St Peter Port for the seventh consecutive year on Sunday 19th June. The Amelie Rose and the Merlin will be joined by the 46ft Agnes, a replica of a cutter built in 1841.
Around 500 young people from State schools and community groups will hop on board to sail the local seas. They will also have the chance to give steering and hoisting the sail a try as part of this unique Set Sail Trust event.

These beautiful ships will bring history to life for some of the children from Amherst, Castel, St Mary & St Michael, La Mare de Carteret, Le Rondin, Le Murier, Vale and Vauvert primary schools.
Members of the National Autism Society Guernsey, 10th Sea Scouts, St Martin’s Scouts, Community Outreach, 3rd Guernsey Cubs, The Space, Street Sports, The Caves Youth Centre and The Prince’s Trust will also have the chance to enjoy the waves.

Ten local businesses have become Corporate Ambassadors for Bristol Cutters Week 2016 and a number of donations have been received to support the Set Sail Trust’s annual event. The corporate supporters enjoy an evening of racing which is always a popular, and sometimes competitive, event in the business calendar.

There will be around nine sailings per day during the Set Sail Trust’s 10-day programme and the organisers are hoping for fine weather.
‘We would like to thank Royal Bank of Scotland International, Bank of Butterfield, Generali Worldwide, Appleby, Babbe McCathie, Carey Olsen, Ravenscroft, Canaccord and Channel Insurance Brokers for becoming Corporate Ambassadors.

We would also like to thank EDF and Odey Wealth for their generous donations. The abundance of support means that we can once again make this exciting and popular event happen for the young people of Guernsey,’ says Michael Strachan of IAM Advisory.
Ongoing sponsorship of the Set Sail Trust from Deutsche Bank, Long Port Group, TPA, IAM Advisory and the Channel Islands Co-operative Society Guernsey has helped the cutters return to Guernsey for the last seven years. There are still opportunities for corporate sponsors to get involved in this community-driven project.

‘Since we started the Bristol Cutters Week in 2006, around 4,000 children have had the chance to sail on these beautiful ships,’ says Tony Tostevin of TPA Group. ‘In addition to welcoming school children on board, it’s great to have a variety of community groups involved.
‘We’ve got nearly 50 groups of young people going out this year and it’s always a pleasure to receive such positive feedback at the end of each sailing day. The programme has been so successful that we are once again bringing an extra ship over to Guernsey.

‘The Set Sail Trust is dedicated to supporting underprivileged members of the community and gives them the opportunity to get involved in maritime activities in Guernsey. We live in such a beautiful place with the sea right on our doorstep. We want to give young people the chance to build their confidence, develop transferable skills and learn some interesting history while at sea.
‘Having fun is a big part of the experiences that we offer and nautical activities are hugely rewarding. The Set Sail Trust has come a long way since it was established in 2006 and we’re all very much looking forward to another series of adventures!’

Herm Weekend 2016

April 27, 2016adminFeatured, News

We have received a lovely letter from The Sunflower Project @ The Hub to thank The Set Sail Trust for this years thoroughly enjoyable Herm Weekend.

Download the report here.
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.01.28
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.01.36

We also received a beautiful Thank you card from some of the children who attended the weekend along with a letter from The Hub.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.59.12
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.59.24
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.05.01

Set Sail 2015 Video

July 30, 2015adminNews, Uncategorized

Sailing Trust Video-HD

Bristol Cutters 2015

July 10, 2015adminNews

The Bristol Cutters took to the seas again in 2015.

Thank you to KPMG, Alliance, RBSI, Deutsche Bank, Appleby, HE & Government House, Generali, International Asset Monitor, OCS, Bank of Butterfield and The James Whalley Flying Bursary who made this possible for the children. A great time was had by all.

Watch the Sailing Trust Video here

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Making waves on Herm

June 1, 2015adminNews

Four families have expressed how much they enjoyed a recent trip to Herm that was organised by the Set Sail Trust and sponsored by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society.

Nine children and their parents, who have all recently been affected by a family bereavement, were treated to a fun-filled activity weekend on the island. The families have all been supported by The Sunflower Project, which is run by Barndardo’s and staff from the project also attended the weekend.

In the morning Outdoor Guernsey took the group kayaking around the coastline and there was time for some beach football too.

No trip to Herm would be complete without lunch at the Mermaid Inn and after refuelling the families headed off to learn how to handle a bow and arrow. Teens and youngsters all enjoyed the archery and then it was back to the Mermaid for tea and cake.

‘It was all fun!’ reported one of the children.

‘Thank you for the things you organised today, I loved doing archery and would love to do it again. I really enjoyed it,’ said another.

The weekends are organised by Andrea Nightingale and the Set Sail Trust for families each year and are designed to meet different objectives. Previous Herm trips have helped children with special educational needs, or who need to build confidence or develop better behaviour patterns.

This is the fourth year that the Trust has laid on the weekends with Travel Trident and Outdoor Guernsey and the first time The Channel Islands Co-operative Society has got involved with sponsorship. ‘We are here to make a real difference to the communities we serve. That aspiration guides everything we do. We are proud to support this incredible cause and to play our part in providing enriching experiences for those who need it,’ said Colin MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer of The Channel Islands Co-operative Society.’

After an overnight stay in the picturesque Herm cottages the second day got underway with bacon sandwiches for breakfast and family beach games before the group headed back to Guernsey on the Trident.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society also ensured everyone took home a bag with a hoodie and t-shirt.

‘On behalf of the Sunflower Project I would like to say a big thank you. The weekend was an amazing opportunity to give some bereaved families some time to relax and be with others who really understand. It was a privilege to take part and witness so much kindness and courage,’ said Denise Ozanne, Barnardo’s Project Worker.

The Sunflower Project, which is a Barnardo’s service based at the HUB, works with bereaved families in Guernsey and is just one of the local groups to work with the Set Sail Trust on these special weekends.

Charles Billson, co-trustee of the Set Sail Trust, commented: ‘One of our objectives is to “pump-prime” appropriate projects to bring them to fruition and to act as a conduit to bring parties together. We are grateful to The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, Outdoor Guernsey, Travel Trident and Herm Island for their collaboration in enabling us to achieve our aim and provide a tremendous experience for these families.’

Set SailTrust Herm weekend with Sunflower Project

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